Would you like to optimize your clinic's productivity?

Bonjour-santé® can help!

Would you like to optimize your clinic's productivity?

Bonjour-santé® can help!


The virtual assistant is joining your clinic’s team

Zoe interacts with patients who request information or an appointment by telephone. She can guide them and offer you huge advantages in return.

  • Significant reduction in busy phone lines and call volume at your clinic.
  • Management of patients wishing to book/request an appointment; according to your clinic’s configuration, they will be redirected to the Triathlon appointment booking service or the UGO appointment request service.
  • Easy management of requests that will automatically be sent to you, according to Triathlon or UGO features.
  • You will have complete control over your administrative tasks and Bonjour-santé will take care of communicating appointment details to your patients.

Zoe’s features

Imagine all the time you will save with this conversational agent.

  • Call transfer
  • Zoe can transfer calls from patients to a specific number, with or without an extension number.
  • Zoe can manage appointment request calls according to your clinic’s operations: transfer patients to the automated appointment booking system or to your team.
  •  SMS transmission
  • Zoe can detect if a call is coming from a cell phone and redirect the patient to online services.
  •  Voicemail transmission
  • You want voicemail messages to be sent to you by email along with a voice file? Zoe can easily send them to you.
  • Information setup
  • Zoe, customized: set up Zoe so that she can offer patients information your clinic wishes to share, such as your address, office hours, etc.

Free services

Bonjour-santé® offers FREE services for medical clinics.

That’s right, free.

Our business model is unique - we support clinics in their use of technology to improve their productivity.
This in turn positively impacts healthcare access for patients.

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