Would you like to optimize your clinic's productivity?

Bonjour-santé® can help!

Would you like to optimize your clinic's productivity?

Bonjour-santé® can help!

Periscope specialists

Optimize the way you manage the appointment schedules of the medical specialists at your clinic.

You have availabilities that are not necessarily all filled?
More than 150,000 referred patients are desperately trying to find an appointment.

Periscope specialists, another free Bonjour-santé innovation, can fill the availabilities of the specialists at your clinic.

This new option helps to fill freed up time slots or cancelled appointments that are not assigned by the CRDS (Service Request Dispatch Centre).

You do not have to change the way you manage your availabilities and appointments..

THE ADVANTAGES of Periscope specialists

  1. Easily access the patient’s referral
    (patients can upload a picture of their referral when booking their appointment)
  2. Quickly fill free time slots
    (spontaneous cancellations or time slots not assigned by the CRDS)
  1. Enjoy a 100% automated service
    (no longer need to wait for faxes, your schedule will fill up automatically)
  2. Personalize and automate all communications sent to your patients
  3. Increase the satisfaction and recruitment of medical specialists by filling all of their time slots
  4. Access a unique platform to manage your schedule
    (linked to KinLogix and Omnimed, and very soon to Softinfo Telus and Medfar)
Free services

Bonjour-santé® offers FREE services for medical clinics.

That’s right, free.

Our business model is unique - we support clinics in their use of technology to improve their productivity.
This in turn positively impacts healthcare access for patients.

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