Would you like to optimize your clinic's productivity?

Bonjour-santé® can help!

Would you like to optimize your clinic's productivity?

Bonjour-santé® can help!

NANO E-consults

E-consults in real-time at the doctor’s pace

The new Bonjour-santé NANO service is a turn-key, hassle-free solution that allows doctors to provide care remotely, by videoconference (computer, smartphone, tablet) or by telephone while increasing efficiency.

Service integrated into Bonjour-santé solutions

  • No software to install, everything is 100% integrated into the Bonjour-santé platform. The web and telephone appointment booking service now includes e-consult availabilities, and the Console interface allows you to quickly manage all patients in one place, whether they are e-consult or in-person patients. A single procedure to meet all of your needs!

E-consults at the doctor’s pace

  • You don’t have to run after patients to make sure they login when their turn has come. With NANO and its artificial intelligence technology, we can calculate the approximate time of your upcoming e-consults. We take care of contacting your patients at the right time and of admitting them automatically to a virtual waiting room so that they can already be connected by videoconference or telephone when you are ready to start the e-consult.

Reducing time lost due to absences

  • If a patient does a no-show, don't worry; we'll move on to the next patient, if possible, to minimize downtime.

Features to simplify your work

  • During an e-consult by videoconference, you have access to a chat tool that allows you to chat with the patient, if needed, and for both of you to download files as well as pictures. This way, you can provide a diagnosis as of the initial appointment without having to wait for the patient to email you pictures. You also have full control over cameras and can choose to shut your own camera as well as the patient’s. 

Follow-up at a clinic, if needed

  1. Patients can consult doctors by e-consult for any reason; doctors can then determine the follow-up care. They can issue prescriptions, provide advice, refer patients to difference services or ask them to go to a clinic for an in-person follow-up.

Communicating with patients

  • Bonjour-santé handles everything!
    From appointment confirmations and reminders to login information, we take care of communicating information to patients. They will simply have to click on a link that will be sent to them 10 minutes before their appointment to automatically join the e-consult.

  • Adapted to the elderly and individuals without Internet access
    Some patients don’t have an email or a cell phone? No problem! Bonjour-santé will call them 5 minutes before their e-consult; they will simply have to wait for you to join the call.

Security above all

  • HIPAA-compliant, our solution is the same as the one used by the most important e-consult platforms across the world. The information is completely encrypted and hosted in Canada in state-of-the-art servers.

Free services

Bonjour-santé® offers FREE services for medical clinics.

That’s right, free.

Our business model is unique - we support clinics in their use of technology to improve their productivity.
This in turn positively impacts healthcare access for patients.

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