E-consult service

Consult a doctor without having to leave home

Homebound and need to see a doctor? With the new Bonjour-santé e-consult service, you can consult a doctor by videoconference (with a computer or mobile) or by telephone in the comfort of your own home*.

The doctor can assess your symptoms, transfer your prescription to a pharmacy, if needed, or refer you to appropriate services to ensure your continuity of care.

E-consult with your doctor or a professional at your usual clinic - Free for everyone:

  • Click the orange button (At my clinic - My doctor), then find your clinic and follow instructions
  • If your doctor offers e-consults, different e-consult options (dates/times) will be offered to you; choose one and complete your registration

E-consult with any other doctor (if you want Bonjour-santé to help you find an appointment) - Paid option $:

  • Click the blue button (At a clinic in my region) and follow instructions
  • An e-consult option (date/time) will be offered to you; you may choose it and complete your registration
Search for an e-consult

Simple, practical and available across Quebec, this service offers you many advantages:

  • No need to go to a medical clinic
  • Reduced risk of spreading the virus
  • Fast: an e-consult lasts 15 minutes on average
  • Simple: no complicated hardware or software to install
  • Efficient: if needed, your prescription will be sent directly to a pharmacy
  • High level of satisfaction: see patient’s testimonials

Maurice, Montérégie

First experience with a virtual doctor and I was pleasantly surprised! Practical, fast and in the comfort of my own home!

Sabrina, Montréal

The concept is very interesting. It’s nice being able to consult a doctor without going to a clinic and within very reasonable delays. I will without a doubt use this service again.

Eric / Rive-nord

Quick, efficient, courteous and in the comfort of my own home; then, the pharmacy called to tell me when my prescription was ready! Wow, we are finally in 2020!

If the clinic and/or doctor offers the e-consult service and your reason for consulting meets the e-consult criteria, the search engine will offer you appointment options both at a clinic AND by e-consult. You will then be able to choose the appointment you want.

*This service, offered at no cost by Bonjour-santé for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic, offers many advantages.

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